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BC_ADMIN - 9th May 2019 - 0 comments

My TEDx experience was absolutely amazing and I can’t wait to show you the footage. As soon as it’s loaded, you’ll be the first to know. Although, I must be honest: I was a little nervous.

But aaahhhhh I must tell you about my stay at the Le Grand Hôtel Beauvau in Marseille. First, I absolutely fell in love with Marseille – what a quaint city with so much character. Okay, back to the hotel, lol… My room was absolutely gorgeous. It was sun-facing and overlooked the old port. Now if you know me, you know just like I love my burger with extra cheese and extra mayonnaise, wherever I stay my room must always be sun-facing as well.

I loved waking up to a beautiful sunrise and my hotel room just satisfied that. What was even more perfect was that I was spoiled to long days where the sunset happened around 20:30/21:00. Just absolutely breathtaking!

The hotel is in an ideal location when you’re in Marseille because it’s quite central and there are some great restaurants that are within walking distance.

I believe the hotel opened in 1816 so you can only imagine how much character it has. The service was great and just made my stay in Marseille that much more special.

At least now I know I have a home away when I’m next in Marseille – and trust me, I’m definitely going back…

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